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Looking for someone to help with voice work?

2009-06-03 05:29:24 by BrothaKyo

You know, it's weird, I've been on here for awhile, and never actually posted anything. So here we go, a bit shy on this *ahem*

Name's Mike, or Brotha Kyo. That works, yeah. You probably already know too many Mikes.

I'll go straight to the point - anyone looking for some voice talent? Well, I guess that's kind of a silly question; people always are.

Upon typing this, I remembered I already lent my voice out twice here:
Sonic Uncut 2 - Voiced Sonic and Tails
Sonic Uncut 3 - Voiced Sonic

...and lent my voice out to a few 'AMV' projects. I'd post them, if Youtube didn't delete said account. Haha, copyright infringement is a foul-tasting pecan biscuit at times... (Wha?)

Eh, it's just better to post a small 'samples reel':

Crazy Reel

(Yeah, a crazy thing I did originally for a friend on a forum. Sorry, the humor is kinda stupid. :P)

I have a few different ranges, from 'Teenage prodigy' to 'Been-there-done-that seasoned outlaw' and even 'that one roommate who is kind of a d-bag but says what's on his mind'or even 'Fire-Island'. Eeeyup.

So yeah. That's that for 'an intro blog'. If I'm up to snuff, PM me, and if not? Well, eh. (I suck at selling myself, I'm aware of this, muwah.)

~ The Brotha Kyo

Looking for someone to help with voice work?


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